Softwire feature on Channel 5’s “How Do They Do It”

10 August 2011, by

You may have heard elsewhere about our Softwire annual company conference, which takes place at various exciting destinations around the world. (If not, have a read of some of our employee profiles such as Nick Golding or Peter Harley.)

In 2007 we visited Budapest, and at a lovely dinner in a fancy restaurant were entertained to see a camera crew recording some kind of documentary.

Four years on, and it seems that not only were we all captured on camera but the footage has been sold as representative of “French cuisine”. (It was a good restaurant.) After the blonde lady with glasses, almost everyone shown in the restaurant are members of Softwire. We’re famous!

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One Response to “Softwire feature on Channel 5’s “How Do They Do It””

  1. Dor says:

    I love that their idea of France is a restaurant in Budapest. I wonder what they would use as an example for Hungary…

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