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22 December 2011, by

The first Softwire charity quiz night was held recently to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres.  45 people attended forming 8 teams and the competition was fierce, especially for the delicious buffet laid on by a local curry house. Congratulations go to Tom Riley, Rowan Hill and friends on winning not only the main competition, but also the raffle at the end!

We raised a total of £735 for MSF – thanks to everyone who attended and donated. And many thanks to Quizmaster Tom Steer, who produced some great head-scratchers. Here are some of my favourites (select the text to see the answers):

Q: YES, NO and GOODBYE are the only words found on what means of communication?

A: A Ouija board

Q: Forget your 4-4-2s, your diamond formations and your 4-3-3s.  Where do football teams always line up 2-5-3?

A: A table football table

Q: Which is the only US state to feel the need to specify its pronunciation in law?

A: Arkansas

Q: If three o’clock is six and six o’clock is three and nine o’clock is eleven and twelve o’clock is twenty what am I talking about?

A: A dart board

Q: In the Bible, who killed a quarter of the Earth’s population?.

A: Cain

Q: What was unique about Alan Shepard’s round of golf on February 6th, 1971?

A: He was playing on the moon

Q: Who signed off with Thank You and Goodbye on July 10th, 2011?

A: The News of the World (last ever headline)

Q:  To date, who has appeared on the cover of Private Eye the most times?

A: Margaret Thatcher

Q: Which soft drink takes its name from the fact that it was originally intended to cure indigestion?

A: Pepsi (from dyspepsia)

Q: Which are the only two countries to contain three consecutive letters of the alphabet in their names?

A: Tuvalu and Afghanistan

And here’s the entirety of Round 3, which I shall leave without answers just to prolong the suspense… if you get the answer to question 11, congratulations!

  1. Which English dramatist said when asked about his sexuality: “That’s a bit like asking a man crawling across the Sahara whether he would prefer Perrier or Malvern water”
  2. The evangelist Lady Elizabeth Hope falsely claimed that which famous person admitted to her shortly before his death in 1882 that he had reverted to Christianity? (This claim has been much repeated by evangelists since, particularly on the internet)
  3. Who was known as the First Lady of Song (or the First Lady of Jazz)?
  4. Who played Lex Luthor in Superman I, II and IV, and Royal Tenenbaum in the Royal Tenebaums?
  5. In 2008, the Royal Society of Chemistry held a competition to solve a famous cinematic problem. Entrants had to devise a solution that had a basis in science, was to take not more than 30 minutes and not use a helicopter.  The problem to be solved was that faced by the heroes of a 1969 film. Which film?
  6. Who was the first person to breed the Western Dwarf Clawed Frog in captivity?
  7. According to the band De La Soul in their 1990 single, probably their most famous, what is 3?
  8. Brewed since the 1890s, what is the Theakston Brewery’s most famous beer?
  9. What is considered the most powerful piece on a chessboard, and what is the correct name for the piece considered the second most powerful on a chessboard?
  10. Which television series and film franchise was created by Gene Roddenberry?
  11. Based on the answers thus far, what would be a good answer to question 11?

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  1. Chris Harris says:

    Congrats James, that’s the correct answer – if there was a prize, you’d win it!

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