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27 June 2013, by

Softwire paintballingIf you’ve read any of our previous morale-related posts, you probably know that here at Softwire, we put a lot of focus on employee satisfaction and ensuring that it is a great place to work. We have loads of events going on all the time and best of all they’re at no cost to Softwire employees!

In order to make sure that we have a busy morale calendar, and that our employees are satisfied with the activities that are organised, a small committee has been formed, called ‘The Fun Police’. This committee is formed of 5 people from various departments in the company (Jiang Yingxin, Elinor Willis, Dan Shavick, Jamie Humphries and Ciprian Florescu).  The Fun Police have weekly short meetings to discuss various different tasks with regard to morale, including what events we have coming up and divides actions between its members for a smooth organisation of the morale activities.

The Fun Police has regular one to one chats with various employees, so that everyone is kept informed of what morale events are coming up, and also to gather any new ideas of what can be done to make the workplace even more enjoyable.

Here are few examples of the bigger upcoming morale events at Softwire:

  • Paintballing trip
  • Trip to Alton Towers
  • Summer Picnic – we all take a half day off and have a picnic in the park
  • Third Friday pub trips – Jamie, our Morale Officer, gives us loads of money to spend down the pub!
  • Mind Sports Olympics – an on-going mind sports competition in the office
  • Inter-office pool tournament, with other companies in the building
  • Softwire comedy night

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