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27 December 2013, by

We use a huge variety of different tools and frameworks at Softwire, a large number of which are open-source, and it’s great to be able to do our part to contribute back to these, and to get involved with the wider software development community in other ways too.

One of the things we’ve been doing this month is 24 Pull Requests, an initiative to contribute code to the tools you use every day, in the run up to Christmas, which has been going great so far (although I’ll leave the full details of that for another post, once the dust has settled).

We do try to contribute to open-source wherever possible the rest of the time too though, and to help encourage all the excellent work Softwire people have been doing here, I’d like to highlight some of the great things we’ve been building and doing over the last few months, both in our spare time and as part of our day-to-day work:

  • Rowan Hill has done more ongoing work on his open-source automatic XSS detection tool, and has been putting lots of great improvements into improving IODocs (an interactive API documentation system)
  • Noam Finkelstein’s a new starter here at Softwire, but has been going to an unreasonably impressive number of hackathons, almost every other weekend, and building all sorts of cool things with other people in the development community there.
  • I (Tim Perry) have been working on LogLevel (open-source JS logging, now at 0.5.0!), and putting in pull requests to improve all sorts of other libraries, including Mockito, Sauce-Tunnel, and Lodash.
  • Conan Cook invited some of our friends from the open-data institute in to talk to us about how they’re doing everything open-source, with fully publically visible IRC + Jenkins + Github.
  • Harry, Jenny & Iain Monro have been building an open-source game for the Github Game-Off 2013, based around climate change

For more, take a flick through our github pages, on


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