Softwire Tenants Update: Park At My House

10 June 2014, by

For the past year or two, Softwire has been providing office space for a number of start-ups. This has helped both us and them to keep costs down, and resulted in some useful cross-pollination of ideas. We’ve shared not only space, but also plenty of perks such as regular massages, our company chef and delicious coffee. We thought you might like to know what some of these tenants are up to – and who better to start us off than Corissa Nunn of Park at my House, themeselves experts in the “sharing economy”:

“When is a car not a car?

When it turns into a garage.”

Chortle. It’s all well and good if you’re the lucky owner of a garage, and if the place you’re driving to comes complete with a comfortable abundance of parking. For the majority of frustrated folks out there with a set of wheels to find a home for, however, parking is no laughing matter.

At, we help drivers at the end of their tether to tap into parking spaces that they never knew existed – spots that are often a flabbergastingly small fraction of the price of commercial parking. From the residential driveways of homeowners to underused spaces at churches and hotels, they’re just round the corner, and bookable in the blink of an eyelid. Want to park your car right next to London Euston station for £8 a day? Sure, why not?

Half a million people already use our service to park smarter, faster and cheaper when they go shopping or attend a sporting event, and also for longer-term arrangements, such as the daily commute, a holiday or the school run.

On the flipside, we’re helping thousands of people turn the dead space they lay claim to into significant extra income. You (yes, you there, clutching the half-eaten Digestive biscuit) might be sitting on a patch of spare land that could be worth thousands of pounds a year. All you need to do is create an account on, decide how much you want for your parking space, publish a listing for free, and wait for the bookings to roll in.

So why do we do what we do? Basically, we believe in the power of sharing (the Barney the Dinosaur bit) and cold hard economics. The maths behind our business model is a no-brainer: the number of people on this planet is increasing, but the resources available to us are decreasing. People share stuff all the time; as it happens, we share office space with Softwire. We’re literally breathing the same air and and using the same toilets and fighting over the same coffee mugs and – believe it or not – nobody has been given a restraining order. Yet. We even get to learn the odd nifty fact about software solutions, and they get to play with our Scalextric.

Anyway, whether you’re a homeowner with a parking space you don’t use, or a driver who’s fed up to the back teeth of going round in circles hunting for parking and wasting your precious time and money, can sort you out. We’re taking the pain out of parking, because no journey should go unmade. Bon voyage!


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