Reservwire is Softwire's next-generation travel reservation system, boasting an exciting and comprehensive list of features:

  • Sell travel products online - directly or through affiliates
  • Manage contracts, rates, allocations and product information
  • XML links for increased inventory and sales
  • Friendly rebrandable web interfaces for customers, agents and suppliers
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support

Reservwire supports a whole range of travel products including accommodation, flights, car hire, sightseeing, tours and travel insurance. With a wide variety of options for building your inventory and reaching your customers, no other reservation solution offers quite as many possibilities.

Reservwire is a modern system, based on cutting edge technology, and its performance and reliability put the competition in the shade - which other system offers sub-second response times on city-wide searches?

As your business grows, Reservwire will grow with it. Its scalable and extensible design lets you deploy additional hardware when needed to support increased traffic levels. New features and products can be rolled out when you want them, and new currencies and languages added using the simple administrative interface.

Above all, Reservwire is an extremely cost effective solution, offering low set-up and ongoing maintenance fees. The whole reservation process is automated which keeps your staffing costs to a minimum. And with the vast range of supported suppliers and sales channels you can have a sophisticated, feature-rich website up and running cheaply and quickly.

Take a look at Reservwire's impressive list of product features here.

Or try our online demonstration to see Reservwire's interfaces for customers, administrators, agents and hoteliers.

For further information and pricing, please contact Softwire.