QA and Testing Services

Software Tester performing Quality AssuranceAt Softwire, we set ourselves high quality standards, in order to increase user confidence and reduce our clients’ total cost of ownership.

We believe that an effective Quality Assurance and Testing strategy is vital to attaining these high standards. We apply this strategy to all software development that we do – but we can also provide standalone QA and test services to our clients.

Our QA staff have extensive experience in testing a wide range of systems, from mobile applications to system integrations. Whatever stage your project is at, we can help you to plan, implement and improve your quality and testing processes.

QA consultancy

The process of Quality Assurance is most effective when it is integrated into a project from the very beginning. Our QA consultants use their extensive testing experience to help you determine the most effective testing strategy – from determining a suitable code coverage goal to providing a bespoke manual testing strategy.

Having these in place at the beginning of the project means that quality is baked into your project from the word go, giving you confidence in the finished product. By catching potential bugs early, you save yourself time, money and stress down the line. Our consultants are also available to perform quality audits throughout the project life-cycle, as required.

Test design, implementation & execution

Our testers work autonomously or embedded in your existing test team, providing valuable testing services such as:

  • Designing integration test plans
  • Implementing browser tests and regression testing
  • Performing manual acceptance testing
  • Introducing methods and tools which can reduce the manual testing burden.

If you don’t find bugs in your software, your customers and users will. Find out how we can help.