Case Studies

Softwire’s test team provide a wide range of test and QA related services to many customers. 

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Softwire provide specialist testing services for ScanSafe’s ScanCenter system, a Software-as-a-Service system for reporting, control and administration of Web security services. Embedded in the ScanSafe QA team, our dedicated tester has helped achieve a significant increase in the rate at which bugs were found in QA. This meant a significant decrease in the number of issues raised by customers, and a reduction in cost to Scansafe.

ScanSafe – part of Cisco – provide an easy-to-use SaaS service that enables system administrators to conduct web traffic scanning and blocking within their organisations.  The service is mission-critical to ScanSafe’s customers, and its size and complexity means that thorough testing is vital to ensure their continued security.

Softwire supplied a dedicated tester to the ScanCenter QA team. She ramped up quickly on ScanCenter and soon became fully involved in all aspects of the QA team’s work, including testing new features, regression testing, and assisting with the Agile process.

Our tester applied her UNIX skills and years of experience to perform a mixture of manual testing and semi-automated testing (using Selenium). She also designed and executed test cases for both functional aspects of the application, and non-functional ones such as performance and UI usability.

Like all Softwire employees, our tester was well-trained to work in a self-sufficient manner when required. Among other aspects of her role, she took sole responsibility for maintaining her own test environment, designing and prioritising test cases using a risk-based approach, and writing handover instructions for the operations team. This removed the management burden from ScanSafe, enabling their project managers to focus on other areas of the project.

ScanSafe’s QA management have enthusiastically acknowledged the benefit of having a Softwire tester on their team, and view it as one of the main reasons for the recent increase in bugs raised by QA. This emphasis on quality has caused a significant reduction in customer escalations, which has in turn led to increased confidence in the product, a reduced support burden and monetary savings for Cisco.