Business Analysis

Pie chart showing business analysisThe right software solution can bring huge benefits to any business.

Softwire can help you know what’s right and what’s an expensive dead end.

We provide expert business analysis to help you choose the right path. Our analysts have seen it all and can make sure you get the most out of your software systems.

Typical problems we can solve:

  • Your existing systems are not fully serving your business needs and you want to improve them.
  • You want external technical advice to make sure you have an effective software strategy.
  • You want outside, unbiased help, able to solve a business problem in the context of your wider organisation.
  • You have a loosely-defined business requirement and want more detailed analysis to make it a reality.
  • We make sure you’re embarking upon the right project for your business in the right way. We’ve worked for organisations at both ends of the spectrum, from small start-ups to globally recognised brands, and delivered exceptional value to them all.

Whatever you need, whatever your business, we’ll help you plan your software better.

  • We’ll review your situation and discuss your goals.
  • We’ll provide dedicated business analysis to really get under the skin of your business.
  • We’ll assist you with your requirements-gathering – talking to key people throughout your organisation to identify possible improvements through software.
  • We’ll review what software is available, both within your organisation and via third parties, to ensure the best value for money. We’ll provide comprehensive analysis covering what you have, what you need and how to get there.

Find out how our analysts can help you.