Support Models

Softwire offer several flexible models for support, which we will tailor to meet the specific needs of your project.

We can support your application via one of the following models:

  • Monthly Retainer
  • Time and Materials
  • Fixed Price

Crucially we don’t ask for a huge commitment from you up front and we don’t lock you into a long-term contract.

Retained Support

Our flexible retainer model is most popular, whereby you purchase a fixed number of days’ worth of support from us each month with the option to commission additional days as required.

By purchasing these days up front you guarantee that we have resource available when you need it, and you save money on the daily rate. You can use this resource to support your users, enhance your software or improve your documentation – whatever you need.

This model enables you to budget your support spend accurately and consistently, while still enjoying the benefits of our elastic resourcing levels.

Time and Materials

If you require more flexibility in resourcing, and do not need the guaranteed response times of a retainer, we can provide support on a time and materials basis.

Fixed Price Support

Where appropriate, we also offer a fixed-cost model. Under this model we provide an agreed level of support, including defined response and resolution times, at a fixed cost per annum.

If the system is mission critical you may need round-the-clock support. We offer out-of-hours support up to and including 24/7. We are happy to tailor a response plan and tariff to your exact requirements.