Support Process

Software support developerOur support processes are focussed at all times on providing you with a responsive and cost-effective service, while maintaining or improving the quality of the product.

To maximise support efficiency and software quality, we ensure that the developers who originally wrote the code are involved with support activity as much as possible. Fortunately, due to our extremely high staff retention rate the original developers will likely still be around many years later to quickly provide a solution to your support issues.

Where we are providing support for an application developed by a third party our dedicated support team ramps up on the code extremely quickly, thanks to the outstanding quality of our staff. 

Effective Communication

We place a premium on our staff’s ability to communicate clearly, effectively and responsively with our clients. All projects have a dedicated incident manager, who is always only a phone call away. We log all requests and our progress against them in an Incident Tracking System, to which we give you full access.

These measures give you the peace of mind that everything is in hand, enabling you to focus on other areas of your business.

Pro-active Support

Our support engineers are trained to think around any reported issues. They suggest solutions to incidents that take long term maintainability and business usage of the system into account rather than just focussing narrowly on resolving the incident at hand.

Our emphasis on quality, and our results-focused QA processes, mean that we actively increase the quality of your product over time.

Flexible Engagement

You can ask our support team to do whatever you want.

It makes no difference to us whether it’s bug-fixing, small enhancements, performance investigation, large development items, or even working out what’s wrong with your server: we’ll deal with it.

Thanks to our well-managed, dedicated team, and ability to expand or contract the team at a moment’s notice, we are able to absorb fluctuations in demand, giving you an extremely flexible service.