Software Development Team in a design meetingAs an organisation we make some bold claims - to solve tough software problems quickly and to an exceptional level of quality, yet with a low total cost of ownership and often for a fixed price. How can we possibly deliver?

Quite simply because of the sheer quality of our staff.

Softwire employs some of the best developers and project managers in the UK. We achieve this by a rigorous recruitment process, ensuring we employ only the most capable applicants, and by a culture that relentlessly promotes excellence and personal growth.

We screen top graduates from the UK's leading universities recruiting only those with truly exceptional technical aptitude and strong interpersonal and teamworking skills. We train them in cutting edge technologies and software development techniques, ensuring a level of productivity and quality of output that’s streets ahead of the competition.

Our staff are simply smarter, faster and better trained than those of almost any other company - they do things quickly, they do things when they say they will and they do them right first time.

What’s more, our staff retention rate - over 90% most years - is astonishingly high for the IT industry and testament to our enlightened approach to people management. This means you get great continuity of service and high quality driven by our employees' prolonged exposure to a culture of true excellence.

We offer you the cream of UK developers, selected for exceptional technical aptitude, mentored constantly in all the skills required of software developers and imbued with a culture that promotes technical excellence, innovation, quality of output, commitment, responsibility, hard work and customer service.

This is how we deliver, and deliver consistently, on our claims!