Agile Methodology

Agile Software Development TeamThere are many different ways of running a software project and at Softwire we’ve encountered most of them.

Often we need to fit in with our customers’ preferences or established methodologies and, in keeping with our versatile and flexible approach, we’re well equipped to do so.

Where there is a choice, however, we will usually recommend an Agile approach for most projects, based around the concept of short development cycles ("sprints"). Each sprint ends with a fully tested release to the customer. This release is then reviewed and used to assign priorities for the next sprint.

Structuring the project like this has a number of advantages:

  • Closer fit to business needs - releases are shown to users, and their feedback incorporated into subsequent sprints, so the final system will match your needs much better.
  • Increased quality - since testing is taking place throughout the project.
  • Flexibility - regular reviews may uncover new requirements, which can be addressed as soon as the next sprint – rather than once the final system has been delivered.
  • Lower cost - developing the most important features first means you don't waste money building features that end up not being needed.
  • Greater budget control - once enough features have been built, the latest release can go live with only a small amount of additional testing.

Agile perfectly complements the way we like to work, in partnership with our customers and with all parties collaborating to ensure a wholly successful project.