Recruitment Process

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At Softwire we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and quality of customer service, and this also applies to the way we treat our potential recruits.

You invest a lot of time and effort in your application, and so it’s very important to us that we respond to you quickly, clearly, and give you as much flexibility as possible in the timings of the interview procedure. We also pride ourselves on appointing people based on their outstanding potential, rather than simply on proven experience, so we do all we can to ensure the interview process is as accessible and relaxed as possible. Our recruitment process moves as quickly as you need it to:
  • We respond to 95% of applications within one working day (and 99%+ within two days) and will resolve any queries you have just as quickly.
  • At every stage in the process it typically takes less than two working days for you to receive results.
  • Interviews can be arranged as soon as you want them, subject to availability and two business days’ notice.
  • Successful candidates usually receive a firm job offer within two or three weeks of applying. Note however that candidates who are applying for permanent employment after university may be asked to wait until January of their final year for a decision.
We value your time, and we don't ask you to answer unnecessary questions or spend hours on preparation. Our recruitment process consists of three straightforward stages:
  • Submission of your initial application.
  • A telephone interview lasting around thirty minutes – no preparation needed.
  • A second interview in our offices lasting around half a day. This consists of a number of technical and logical reasoning tests and again requires no preparation.

In some cases we may ask students who are seeking permanent employment to complete a short internship before we make a final decision.