Diversity at Softwire

Diversity at SoftwireWe will come right out and admit it: Softwire isn’t as diverse a place as we’d like it to be!

Why’s that? Well, we don’t think it’s because of discrimination in our recruitment procedures: our workforce is broadly representative of the cross-section of the population that apply to us for employment. However, it turns out that the people that apply to us aren’t representative of the population as a whole.

For example, women are clearly under-represented in the applications we receive: less than a quarter of applications for our technical roles are from women. This does compare favourably to the broader statistics: only 13% of science and technology jobs go to women, and only around 10%-15% of UK computer science graduates are female. But we need to do better still.

We would love Softwire to be more diverse – reflecting society as a whole – but to achieve that we need more diversity in the pool of people who apply to us. That’s why we want to do as much as possible to attract applications from women and those in minorities.

Lest this last comment be misunderstood, nobody should be put off from applying – quite the opposite in fact! All applicants can rest assured that Softwire is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on any basis. More than that, though, we're a company that wants to be shaped by the people who we employ. We're always on the lookout for those who can make a positive impact to Softwire – by developing great software or in other ways.

In short?

All decisions relating to employment are taken on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need.

Find out more about what we’re looking for, or if you’re ready, check out how to apply to us.