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16 November 2011, by

Anyone applying to Softwire this year will be able to make use of our latest product: the Softwire Interview Self-Signup Interface – known in Softwire as ‘SISSI’!  While most companies take weeks or even months to respond to applications for employment, we do so within a few days – and then give candidates pretty much free rein to choose their own interview slot.

So if you are invited to a phone interview with Softwire you’ll be sent a link which will take you to a simple interface where you can choose a date and time for your interview.

Choose a date and time

After that you’ll be asked to complete a few details, and then all you have to do is sit tight and brush up on your interview technique!

If you manage to get through the phone interview stage, then you get to do it all over again in advance of the second interview.  Naturally the site also allows you to reschedule or cancel interviews if the need arises.

It’s not exactly the first product we’ve written for our own use, but it has an interface to the outside world, so it’s important that it’s easy to use and showcases our ability to make great software. We’ve kept it as simple as possible, from the clean layout and colour scheme to the lightweight authentication process

Of course, an important part of writing great software is user consultation so if you do have any feedback on SISSI please let us know!

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