Softwire’s Key Responsibilities #5 – Treat Your Time Like Gold Dust

6 June 2014, by

Softwire’s fifth and final key responsibility is to “treat your time like gold dust”. In other words, we ask employees to “Manage your time carefully, maximise productivity, minimise overheads and aim to achieve five productive days per week.”

So are Softwire employees expected to never take breaks? Or never make mistakes? No, of course not. We can take as many breaks as we like, so long as we get all our work done, and we are expected to make many many mistakes, but we’re also expected to learn from those mistakes, in order to work towards becoming as efficient as possible at doing what we do.

It’s easy to let meetings drag on for longer than the need to. It’s easy to keep doing regular tasks long beyond the time they ceased to be useful. It’s easy to do the thing that sounds most fun rather than the thing that would be most useful. But when we’re charging our clients by the hour, and taking pride in providing great value for money, we can’t afford to do any of these things.

One of the main ways we avoid time-wasting is to keep our eyes on the prize, by setting ourselves specific, quantifiable and time-limited goals, that align well with the priorities of our colleagues and our clients. Another is to make sure we have a foolproof action tracking system that allows us to review and reprioritise regularly (many of us use Workflowy). Beyond that, we just let our natural engineers’ love of efficiency guide us down the best and most effective route.

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