24 Pull Requests 2015

20 January 2016, by

At Softwire we make an effort to be involved in the open-source community that powers so much of what we do. For the last three years, we’ve spent December getting involved in 24 Pull Requests – an initiative encouraging developers to contribute pull requests to projects they use and love through the run up to Christmas – and this year is no exception!

Even more than last year though, this year has been an enormous success. We’ve even managed to bring ourselves up into an amazing 4th place position overall, out of the 9,934 organisations taking part. (This may have been strongly encouraged by the suggestion of a team croquembouche appearing if we reached the top 5. We at Softwire are certainly not immune to the charms of an exciting cake!)

Particular commendation should go to the top contributors, each of whom put in:

  1. Hereward Mills – 25 pull requests
  2. Tim Perry – 24 pull requests
  3. David Simons – 17 pull requests
  4. Rob Pethick – 14 pull requests
  5. David Broder-Rodgers – 9 pull requests

Pull Requests

A selection of particularly interesting pull requests within the 161 pull requests we contributed in December:

You can check out the full list of everything we got up to at 24pullrequests.com/organisations/Softwire

Bonus Stats

24 days of pull requests
161 PRs from the Softwire team (so 7 per day, on average)
36 contributors contributing at least one PR (so 4 each, on average)
78 projects contributed to (including 17 PRs to DefinitelyTyped, 14 to Workflowy2Web and 8 to AssertJ & 24PullRequests)

Fantastic work all round!


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