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12 September 2016, by

This is the third in my series of posts about how to get the career you want. Step 2 in my infallible all-purpose career plan is to make a plan that will get you to where you want to be.

Now I bet that almost all of you make plans to execute tasks and projects all the time. But somehow when you come to make a plan to achieve a big scary career goal, it doesn’t seem so easy. Sure, you say, I’d love to be Managing Director, but how on earth would I ever get there?

The first challenge, before your brain will be able to get on and do the planning (which is just a series of simple steps), is that you will need to believe that you can get really there. The reason that something seems like an unachievable goal to make a plan for is that we don’t really believe we can get there.

I believe that for almost anything you want you can get there (eventually). When I did a show of hands in my lunch and learn – not one single person confidently put up their hand to say that they also believed this. (I had one tentative “maybe”.)

If you don’t really belie ve you can achieve your goal you’ll engage in this behaviour, which I have experienced personally.

  1. Do one small action towards goal
  2. Am I amazing at this yet?
  3. Do one small action
  4. Am I amazing at this yet?


N. Give up

To make a plan, you should ask other people who have already achieved your goal how they got there, but be careful that you don’t see their path as the only way.

Someone else did what you want to do? Great! It must be possible, use as inspiration.

Someone else had X that you don’t have? Great! Find another way. You can only live your life and do your version of whatever you want to do.

If it is an exciting goal that is worthwhile, you will need to work hard and it will take several years of hard work (5+ usually).

And how do you do that? Read on to part 4.

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