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Internship Profile: Haden Spence

29 August 2013, by

Haden Spence

I applied to Softwire so late in my second year at Oxford that sadly, by the time I reached the interview stage, there were no places left for me that summer.  Instead, I was accepted for an internship after my third year.  So I had a year for the anticipation to build.  A friend of mine spent that year telling me how incredible the experience is; raising my expectations further!  I was not disappointed; my seven weeks here have been better than I could have ever imagined.

Those seven weeks at Softwire have gone by far too fast; every day has been great fun.  I’m a maths student, but have always had a keen interest in computing, so it’s great to be able to apply myself fully to what is otherwise ‘just’ a hobby.  The work is always a challenge, but if it ever gets too much, the support structure is something Softwire have spent a lot of time working on.  It is impossible to stray too far, with your team and managers looking after you.

Softwire place a strong focus on personal development.  Indeed it would be hard not to learn a massive amount during your time here – everyone in the office is always free to help anyone else, be it by running an educational lunch or whiteboard session, or helping with a specific problem.  The time spent on peer-to-peer training is always enjoyable, and the skills learnt are invaluable even if your career path leads you to something other than software development.