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Testing and JavaScript: Useful Libraries

19 November 2012, by

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It can be difficult to find useful JavaScript testing-related libraries, to provide lots of the extra functionality that’s typically necessary to make automated testing practical. This is necessarily a very broad topic, but there’s a few key components that almost all testing requires, so I’ve skimmed through some of the options in each.


Testing and JavaScript: Test Frameworks

8 November 2012, by

JavaScript is something that turns up pretty much everywhere, and it can be a tricky beastie; there’s no static typing, a long enough list of gotchas to let you hang yourself, and by and large it doesn’t leave you with much in the way of useful logs and stacktraces to help save the day. This makes testing important!

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. JavaScript code is very easy to write in a way that’s not very testable, and it just doesn’t have as much of a testing culture around it as say, Java. It means there’s not so much of a consensus on tools, and it’s somewhat difficult finding sensible ones for standard testing practices. Fortunately, I’ve made some lists! This is the first in a three part series: test frameworks.