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Food Provenance at Softwire

23 March 2016, by

At Softwirlunch3e they’re very lucky to have freshly prepared lunches cooked for us every day by our amazing kitchen team, Helen, Dom and Massimo. Undoubtedly this is something that hugely contributes to what makes Softwire such an awesome place to work and helped us achieve 14th in this year’s Best Small Companies to work for.

Our kitchen team is committed to sourcing the best and most sustainable fresh ingredients for our lunches. When they are not cooking for us they are always looking for new ideas, suppliers and products to enhance and improve the lunches on offer.

Lunch2Apart from baking bread and making pasta (actually they do sometimes do this as well!) the kitchen team pretty much prepare and cook everything we eat in the Softwire kitchens. They use fresh herbs, seasonal ingredients and quality suppliers to deliver lunches that are a highlight of our day.

In order to consistently offer us such high quality, all food is sourced from local North London suppliers; eggs are always free range and from reputable producers (Clarence Court or Black Farmer), fresh chicken, pork, lamb and beef is always free range (supplied by Meat Naturally) and fresh vegetables delivered daily. Seasonal vegetables are used whenever possible to minimize food miles and to maximise flavour and value for money. Cheeses and dried goods are sourced from Carnevale (Italian supplier) and Ocado. Our kitchen team always select the products that offer the best quality and flavour and will use organic whenever possible to produce roughly eighty delicious lunches every working day.


Ice Skating at Somerset House

12 January 2016, by

As is becoming increasingly traditional, just before Christmas Softwire took a winter trip ice skating to Somerset House.

The turnout was record breaking – 33 of us (plus a smattering of guests) opted in, and all headed off one Monday afternoon to the rink. Not only that, but the group consisted of a great spread of people, from new starters, the members of the sales and admin team, developers – the MD even came along! Though most surprisingly, most of us managed to stay upright the whole time! (I may withhold my own records, there…)

While it might not have been a great winter all round (too warm and wet for my liking, though I may regret saying that in the weeks to come), we were blessed by perfect weather, and ended up skating around the rink as the sun set. Afterwards, most of us headed back out for hot drinks and a warm room, with a few finally peeling off to share a dinner of the most Christmassy food – burritos.

Happy new year from Softwire!