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Experienced UX Designer

Experienced UX Designer

Softwire is looking for an experienced designer to join our fast-growing Labs / UX team. 

A (UX/UC) design fanatic, with excellent hands-on skills you’ll have a thorough knowledge of packages/processes required to craft exceptional experiences. We’ve got thoughts on what those skills/packages are, but we’re open to what works.

You’re great at identifying and understanding problems and opportunities; your mix of analytical skill and visionary ability results in effective solutions.

You’re a natural communicator (visual, written and verbal): comfortable engaging with clients, team-members, end-users; and adept at getting your idea across through a variety of methods (sketches, storyboards, user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, hi-fi design etc).

You own the activities centered around interaction design, but you’re happy participating in all kinds of UCD activity, including workshops and user interviews. You’re enthusiastic at the idea of working within teams of varying discipline and method, and have your own ideas about how to do it well.

You’re a bit of a pedant, in the best way, with the ability to focus on both the detail and the big picture, and the confidence to question specifications and proposed solutions when they are not right. At the same time, you’re adaptable and realistic about your abilities; you can estimate scope and time and prioritise, multi-task and communicate in order to manage expectations and meet deadlines.

You feel comfortable operating in ambiguous or unpredictable situations and can adapt to the context, helping to plan and implement the right combination of activities and deliverables, to best meet project goals. We sometimes need to ramp-up quickly to help our clients and need to be able to make a difference early in the project.

You appreciate working autonomously within a supportive environment. We value balance between life and work and want to provide the right conditions to enable you to be the best you can be.

In more detail, we’re after someone with:

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experience working as an interaction / UX designer within agency, design studio or product environment, ideally with experience of both public-sector and commercial clients
  • A track record you can share with us (via portfolio) demonstrating success solving complex interaction design problems across a variety of products/ artifacts for different devices.
  • Demonstrable history (case studies) of building experiences in a process that includes user research, information architecture artifacts and interaction flows (show us your working).
  • Degree or higher in a relevant subject (design subject/HCI), or equivalent experience
  • Experience working within Agile/SCRUM processes
  • Experience of working in or alongside design sprints

Design Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of UCD design techniques, understanding when and where to apply them
  • Planning and production of sketches, task-flows, story-boards, site-maps, wireframes, prototypes, hi-fi design, style-guides, etc
  • Expertise with a range of tools available to produce designs then share, test and iterate them.
  • Knowledge of frequent/impactful design related issues (find-ability, accessibility/usability) and the best practices to tackle them
  • Continuously improving the (output) quality of our UX process and contributing towards the growing skills of all involved.

Logistics & Planning Capabilities

  • Provide realistic time/scope/risk estimates for a project and being dedicated in helping to realise those (being time-efficient, multi-tasking, communicating effectively etc)
  • Lead clients and the team members in workshops, design walkthroughs and presentations
  • Work with the team and wider project partners to identify and prioritise project goals, and define artefacts and milestones

Business Insight

  • Experience of using data and research to develop concepts and inform design decisions
  • A strong advocate of design quality within a business setting, understanding where this gives the best value
  • Help clients through the process of aligning behind solutions that help deliver their business objectives
  • Understand aspects of product/business lifecycle and where/how design can deliver value

Team / process

  • Familiar with agile and agile-like process
  • Understanding of wider development process, and where/how design fits
  • Knowledge of the tools and techniques available to meaningfully share design with your team and to support their use of them in delivering the best product
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams, and to develop and mentor their skills in getting the most from design
  • Ability to move with team members, iterating designs as a project progresses

Presentation / Communication Skills

  • Communicate the value of design in new business activities: proposal writing; project scoping and presentations
  • Present articulately, and explain design concepts to clients (some of whom may be inexperienced in design, or skeptical of the value)
  • Have the empathy to engage and develop strong working relationships with all key stakeholders
  • Be confident enough to stick to your principles and flexible enough to take onboard those of other team members
  • Understand the communications needs around delivering design quality, that help make a compelling case

Why us

We’re a fast-growing team, within a more established agency, focusing on innovation, proof-of-concept and early stage engagements. We work very closely with our clients in intense, user-focused, prototype driven sprints, that grow into long-term relationships. We’re looking for someone to grow with us with a strong opportunity to craft your future role in the team.

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