The Challenge

Produce the branding for a pioneering innovation startup that would resonate with its large corporate prospects.

intandem is aiming to revolutionise the way large corporations innovate. Its vision is to work in partnership with these businesses to enable innovation at scale and deliver tangible commercial outcomes.

As it prepared to launch, intandem needed branding for its website and other material. As well as portraying the company’s values, the branding needed to strike the delicate balance between exuding the freshness and agility associated with innovative businesses, and being credible in the eyes of the large clients it’s targeting.

It also had to empower intandem to compete successfully with much bigger corporate innovation businesses.

Our Solution

We worked with intandem to create a unique website and branding that would stand out and could be applied to a range of digital and physical assets.

We listened to the intandem team’s vision and inspiration on how they wanted to portray their business. Our designers then worked closely with them to evolve these concepts and logo ideas into effective branding. This included ensuring it was genuinely unique and could be used on a variety of digital and physical media, including as the cornerstone for its new website.

This process was iterative, and we explored options at each stage, highlighting potential limitations of different designs and showcasing alternatives. We also ran a number of co-creation workshops to develop and refine ideas in collaboration with intandem.

Softwire came up with the ‘intandem with’ concept, to portray the ethos of intandem innovating in partnership with its clients. This would enable proposals, presentations and other material to be branded as ‘intandem with’ followed by the customer name.

Having finalised the concepts, we turned our attention to the web design. We provided content design expertise to structure the information and sharpen intandem’s messaging, to give a coherent and compelling story and consistent voice across the site. We also designed all the visuals, applying the branding we had developed to create a striking experience on mobile and desktop.

In addition to the web design, we produced the visual material for the key business collateral intandem needed for its launch.

The Result

The branding is a hit with intandem’s prospects, underpinning its successful launch and drawing praise from global marketing experts.

With the website, business cards, presentation decks and other core assets ready, intandem launched its services to market. The brand has been exceptionally well received, portraying the company’s ethos and appealing to its target audience of large corporates.

Daniel Mueller, founding partner at intandem, explains: “We’ve been talking to organisations in financial services, medtech, energy, telecoms, aerospace and defence ­– and people absolutely love the branding, commenting on how it stands out compared to other, much larger innovation agencies. And we’ve had marketing directors from major global businesses tell us how much they like it.

“The ‘intandem with’ concept is working fantastically well too. It’s different and it fits so nicely with what we want to communicate.”

He concludes: “Softwire took the ideas we had and turned them into something fantastic, achieving that simplicity that’s often so hard to realise. And what we liked most was the way they involved us throughout the process, taking us on a journey that’s ultimately empowered us to lead the marketing of the business ourselves.”


Visual design, branding, content design, user experience, website design

The project
Branding and web design for innovators intandem.

The results
A fresh, unique and engaging brand that has struck a chord with intandem's target audience.