We helped YUDU grow from a start-up to a multinational award winning company

The Challenge

To build their next-generation online digital publishing platform.

YUDU envisioned an easy to use but sophisticated web based interactive interface that was scalable.

It would be easy to use for both publishers and readers and would need to be able to cope with thousands of readers using the application simultaneously.

Publishers wanted to be able to add in rich media elements, from videos to order forms, graphs as well as HTML5 interactivity. We wanted to make them capable of doing so without any technical knowledge.

The platform needed to be able to turn raw PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into an interactive experience for the reader.

Our Solution

At the start, we determined the features required to launch an exceptional product. We also outlined long-term product development for a later stage.

Our team worked closely with YUDU’s project manager to detail their requirements. We paid special attention to the financial viability of speculative future features. We were then able to create a highly flexible product that was easy to refine and adapt to a rapidly evolving marketplace with an eye to further support YUDU’s growth.

The Result

We worked with YUDU from a start-up to a multinational award winning company, with the bespoke, highly scalable digital self-publishing platform.

It allows publishers of all sizes from all over the world to create feature rich, interactive publications at the click of a button.

YUDU’s product is now used by over 1,000 publishers globally including Time Out, Readers Digest and The Beano. More than one million YUDU pages are viewed daily across the world.


JBoss, Spring MVCX, Jaza EE and Oracle DB

The Project
A bespoke, online digital publishing platform supporting thousands of publications

The Results
More than one million YUDU pages are viewed daily across the world

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