I need a partner to help me rescue a failing project

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

You’ve embarked on a digital project. It’s behind schedule, what you have seen isn’t working the way you’d expect, and the project looks it will cost way more than forecast. You aren’t sure whether you should admit defeat now, or let your team carry on spending money which you may not get a return from.

It happens, you are not alone.  Research shows that 45% of projects run over budget and 56% fail to deliver the expected benefits.  You need strong advice. We can give you that advice. And not just technical advice.

We are a software company and also a consultancy, so we are uniquely placed to help.

We will come in and quickly understand your goals and digital business needs, and thoroughly evaluate the current state of your project. We won’t just analyse your immediate technical problems; we will figure out exactly what you need software to do for you.

Once we understand the critical issues, we will know why the project is failing and how to ensure success.  We will work together with all the relevant stakeholders to come up with a revised approach and a plan to get you back on track. Crucially, we will communicate clearly to both technical and non-technical stakeholders and give you complete confidence throughout the process. We will work with your team to come up with a plan to get you back on track.

For two decades, we have been analysing challenging problems, working out the most efficient solutions to those problems and implementing them effectively. Let us put that experience to work for you.

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