I need to prototype and validate my ideas

You are full of ideas, but they need a bit of work

To move your idea forward, you need to validate it, refine it and get your various interested parties on board. All pose a challenge.

How do you demonstrate that a product is going to be great before you’ve even made it? And how to you raise the funds to make it before you can demonstrate that it is going to be great? We all know what consumers say they want and would do can be very different from what they actually want and do.

Getting a cost-effective prototype into users’ hands is a great way of bringing an idea to life and reducing uncertainty.

We will come up with a great prototype. We will think creatively about the value of the product to end users. We will design and run a successful pilot to support the prototype – we’ll also think smartly about participant recruitment and mimicking automated processes.

We can talk through your idea and advise you on the best way to develop it into a prototype or Alpha, or even straight to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). If you’re not quite ready for that yet, we can also help with discovery phases to find out what users want from your product. Get in touch – we love hearing about new and exciting ideas.

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