I’m a start-up with ideas for a digital revenue stream

You have ideas, we have practice.

You are a start-up. You’ve got lots of ideas and energy and a host of possibilities. You need to test and refine your ideas, and to communicate them to potential partners.

That is where we come in. We can get your ideas across in a way that is easy to grasp.

To develop an idea, you need to watch people interact with it. We’ll help you observe real behaviour so that you can refine your offering and prove that there is a demand for it. That’s why we call our initial build phase ‘validation’ – you’re validating (and refining) the assumptions you’ve made about what people want.

When we worked with Limitear, we quickly created a prototype that helped them get feedback from potential users and investors. As a result, they spend less time explaining their idea and instead get insightful feedback that helps them refine their strategy.

We still remember when we were a start-up. We understand that you need a flexible partner who can move fast.

We love bringing ideas to life even on a limited budget. We’ll help you make your ideas a reality.

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