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Highlights from Kevlin Henney’s #TechTalk: Developers have a moral responsibility to ‘code for the future’

We were recently joined by Kevlin Henney – journalist, coach, speaker and programmer – for a lunchtime session on Twitter Spaces. In a frank conversation, packed with interesting anecdotes and thought-provoking suggestions, we discussed topics such as: Read the highlights article below, or skip to the event recording to listen to it in full and…

How to ensure your organisation is properly prepared for disruption

Business disruptions come in all kinds of guises. The Covid-19 pandemic was an extreme example, forcing organisations worldwide to pivot to home-working on a scale previously unseen.  Those that were well-prepared – with the technology and processes to support effective remote working – continued operating relatively seamlessly. Others were forced to identify and implement new…

20 Years of Technology

This year Softwire celebrates twenty years of digitally transforming businesses through bespoke engineering. In this video, our Managing Director, Zoe Cunningham, talks about how far we’ve come in relation to technology’s transformation over the last 20 years.

Harnessing your data

“You can have data without information, but you can’t have information without data” (Daniel Keys Moran). In this episode, Zoe Cunningham shares some insight into the best ways for businesses to use data to solve internal and sector challenges. Zoe is joined by Softwire Senior Consultant, Vasanthan Vidthyan, and DevOps Lead, Usman Iqbal. Hosted by…