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Build a strong data foundation that supports your business goals with our Data Engineering Services 

Leverage our best-in-class DevOps practices and tooling with expert advice and guidance to create modern, scalable platforms that unlock the value of your data. 

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Unfit and unscalable data solutions don’t elevate your business data

The right solutions should scale or support your operations, allowing you to get accurate and fast business insights so you can make stress-free decisions, improve your customer user experience, and give yourself a competitive edge. 

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Managing and scaling your data infrastructure can be tricky

Data architecture and systems are hard to get right. Reduce the cost of projects in the long run by creating a reliable foundation to build new pipelines without starting from scratch every time.

Without the established groundwork, you’re unprepared

Data is used at all levels of your organisation and has a serious impact, so working with an established Data Engineering consultancy is a must.

Using the experts’ collective industry experience provides a feasible, cost-effective, and long-term data solution for any size operation.

Want to fix your disjointed and siloed data but don’t know where to start? 

Our Data Engineering Kickstart is an opportunity for you to work with data engineering experts to explore, scope, and build the start of data management solutions. 

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Trust our experienced data engineers to deliver tailor-made solutions for you

Feel supported in your data journey with Softwire. Our Data Engineering experts will go above and beyond to plan, scope, and implement every aspect of your data systems.

From planning your data strategy, building scalable enterprise data-centric platforms and understanding data ingestion and flows, to data analysis, choosing the right tooling, and bespoke visualisation softwire, we have the right solution for you.

One call with our experts will clarify your data landscape

Build modern, scalable data platforms

Get a complete understanding of your data and systems landscape, bring together complicated data sources, and create modern, scalable platforms

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Strengthen data governance
and IT strategy

Make your data a first-class part of your data governance and IT strategy to set the tone for data management across your whole organisation. 

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Optimise data analytics and visualisation

Make high-quality datasets available interactively to help your business users identify insights and make better decisions, and excite your customers’ interest in the power of your data.

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Softwire: Loved for our success, trusted as a partner

Our clients think we’re great and keep coming back. Learn more about how we work and see some of the things we’ve built for our clients below: 

These companies have already started their data journey with us and are benefiting from integrated data, actionable insights, and faster results.

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