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These ‘core values’ are the values on which Softwire company culture is based. We don’t claim to be the ultimate embodiment of these values – that’s not really possible for a commercial organisation – we just try harder to live them than other companies. We also believe that we are more successful in promoting them.We place a big emphasis on quality, in terms of our staff, processes and output.Those who contribute the most are given responsibility and remunerated accordingly – regardless of seniority.Employees are given a lot of flexibility and trust, and we’re generally quite relaxed.Employees receive a large amount of information about the company and the management is very transparent. Employees also have a say in company decisions, for example in approving changes to the way bonuses are allocated or how our dedicated perks budget for promoting staff morale is spent. And all employees, from recent recruits to senior management, share the same workspace and enjoy the same perks.We pay close attention to employee welfare and offer our staff a great working environment and working conditions.We work towards making the tech sector a more open, diverse and fair place for everyone. We donate our time, expertise, and cash to causes that need them the most, from pro-bono software projects to charity fundraisers.We encourage employees to strive for continuous improvement, both for Softwire in general and for their individual contribution to its success.