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Replacing Legacy Systems

Is your legacy system, application or website costing you time and money by slowing you down and being difficult to maintain?

It’s tempting to keep your existing solution going as long as you can, but keeping a legacy system that is past its use-by-date for has real costs.

  • Fixing issues becomes more time consuming
  • Skilled personnel with working knowledge are harder to find
  • Support bills increase constantly
  • New features are sidelined as the code becomes more complex and harder to understand
  • Inefficient operational practices are put in place to fit around the system
  • Interacting or exchanging data with other systems is practically impossible
  • Replacement hardware is expensive, and moving to the cloud is not an option

Your business is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s crucial that your software can keep up.

We can get you back to where you need to be.

We have a track record of replacing legacy systems for companies such as XXXXXX and XXXXX, so you can rest assured you are in a safe pair of hands.

We will spend time with you and your team to determine any features and functionality that need to be replicated, as well as any that need to be improved or added to future proof the system.

We will prototype your new system and test it with your users to ensure it works flawlessly and allows your team to complete their tasks effectively.

Once developed, the system will go through our stringent testing and QA process, and any data migration will be taken care of before undertaking a controlled release to bring the system into day-to-day use.

We will also provide full documentation and ongoing support if required.

Please get in touch on 0207 485 7500 if you would like to find out more about us, or book an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss how we can help.