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Identify and deliver practical solutions that make a real difference, using the latest AI tools and platforms.

We’ll pick the right artificial intelligence platform and toolkit to show you the art of the possible, then build it out into a production-grade system that’s commercially sustainable and integrates with your existing business processes.

We cover:

  • Risk analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Automating and improving business processes

By understanding your business and the sorts of challenges you face, we’ll pinpoint where AI and ML could help you achieve your goals more effectively.

How we deliver your artificial intelligence project with true independence

Azure Machine Learning, Amazon Machine Learning and Google’s Cloud AI provide us the flexibility and resources to quickly prototype potential AI solutions.


We also use other proven toolkits and libraries from the open source world, using techniques such as deep learning and neural networks to reveal previously unseen insights.


We’ll typically start with a rapid prototype, which will demonstrate what AI could enable you to do. We’ll then call in our data engineering team to create an enterprise-grade AI platform.