What if you could deliver higher-quality software more quickly and with lower total cost of ownership? And what if the results would also align better with your business requirements?

It may sound too good to be true, but this is precisely what DevOps enables. We want to help you get it right, so you achieve all of this and more. Whether you’re new to DevOps or have already integrated some of these practices into your organisation, we’ll help you take your next steps towards better and faster software delivery.

Together, we’ll tackle common challenges, including long and arduous development cycles, poor operational stability, quality assurance problems and lack of project visibility.

We’ve played a key role in instilling effective DevOps practices at organisations across the public and private sectors, including Ofgem, parts of the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) and a well-known high-street bank.

What DevOps will help you achieve

  • Faster delivery: Bring new features to market more quickly, respond to competitors or gain priceless first-mover advantage
  • Reduced costs: Empower employees across all disciplines to spend more time delivering business value, rather than wrestling with cumbersome processes
  • Better product quality: Minimise regressions and improving availability
  • Greater visibility:Improve monitoring and metrics, to boost confidence in the performance of your teams and the stability of your products

Our approach

Fast and focussed action

Whether your organisation is already implementing DevOps or you’re looking to take your first steps, a quick assessment of your existing software delivery processes can help you identify where to focus first.

DevOps healthcheck

This short, low-cost engagement looks at the way your organisation currently operates, and identifies where and how DevOps could further benefit you and your customers. Find out more and book your healthcheck.

DevOps coaching

Once we identify where you’d benefit from DevOps, we’ll work closely with your teams to instil and nurture the right practices, tailored to your unique strategic goals. Learn more about DevOps coaching.

Why Softwire ?

Benefit from our cross-sector DevOps experience

Our DevOps specialists have helped transform development at large and small organisations across the public, private and third sectors. We’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t), meaning you get the fast-track to industry best practice.

And our approach is proven to make a difference: it’s helped the UK government enhance the way it delivers digital services, and changed how a well-known bank builds its mobile apps. It’s also been praised by experts for the effect it’s had on our customers’ businesses.

Tap into our pool of expertise to make your organisation a DevOps leader.