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Technology strategy


Technology can empower your organisation. But it can also bring challenges and complexity. We believe in providing clarity around your business IT, to ensure you have the right systems and people in the right places to underpin your vision.

If you’re launching a new product or service, you need to know it can scale as its popularity grows. If you’re replacing a critical legacy system, you may be concerned about the impact on other parts of your business. Or if you’re planning for the future, you might need to understand and streamline a complex IT estate, so that it genuinely supports your goals.

We’ll provide clear, vendor-independent technology advice that identifies sustainable ways forward, empowering you to create technology foundations that unleash growth and success.

We’ll then support you as you move from your current setup to your new architecture, ensuring your business can continue to operate in the meantime.

Our approach

You know your business better than anyone, and we know technology inside out

That’s why our technologists work closely with your in-house transformation and change teams, to understand what you’re aiming to achieve. This enables us to perfectly align your technology to your specific goals.

Every technology strategy advisory engagement is different, but typical outputs can include:

  • A detailed mapping of your IT estate, showing all the dependencies
  • A model of an ideal future technology architecture to underpin your organisation’s vision, or your new product or service
  • A roadmap to deliver your future tech estate and/or streamline your existing setup
  • A phased, low-risk transition plan to move away from a legacy system

Our main goal is to make you self-sufficient: empowering your teams to deliver the changes we recommend. But if you need additional resources or specific skills to help on your journey, we have a mature digital engineering capability you can call on any time.

Why Softwire?

Independent, experienced and with an eye on the future

When you’re planning or delivering a strategically important digital change project, it’s essential you make the right technology choices.

Any advice you seek must be expert, independent, and given with tomorrow in mind: will you be able to maintain and evolve whatever you put in place?

We provide this blend. Our people are passionate technologists who take pride in choosing tech that will support you long into the future. We don’t have a vested interest in selling you a particular product or technology: our goal is to guide you on a journey that helps you succeed.

Experience in planning, delivering or overseeing high-stakes change programmes is so important. And we’ve got plenty – just ask Anthony Nolan or David Lloyd Clubs.