Data science


Sometimes, the insights you really need are the ones most difficult to get.

They may require particularly complex analysis to attain, or need data that’s locked away in a siloed system. We want to help you pull together these hard-to-get insights, so you can make better-informed decisions.

You might be deciding whether to invest in a new product, and need a specific piece of information to aid your decision. Or you might want to know if having a particular insight available is going to be of value to your business.

Whatever your burning question, if your data contains the answers, we’ll find it.

Our approach

Every data science engagement is unique, taking the following steps:

Investigate your data

Analyse your data

Understand your business problem

Create roadmap for success

Why Softwire ?

We’re at the cutting edge of data science

Data is a fast-moving field, with new techniques to draw value from it emerging all the time. We have a team of people with up-to-the-minute academic experience of the latest data science and artificial intelligence approaches. Working with us means you benefit from the state-of-the-art.

Moreover, thanks to our extensive team of data engineers, we can then deliver the production-grade systems that empower you to put your new insights in front of decision-makers the moment they need them.