Digital ideation


Come up with creative digital ideas that help realise your vision and set you apart. Our blend of digital creativity, business focus and technical expertise ensures everything we propose meets real needs and is workable.

Customers and investors always demand more. Competitors continually push boundaries and disrupt industries. Standing still isn’t an option.

Successful digital businesses are always innovating: launching new products and services that delight customers, excite investors and scare competitors. It all starts with great ideas that are grounded in technical reality. We come up with them.

Our approach

How we create digital ideas

Stakeholder workshops and focus groups

We interview key stakeholders to understand your long-term vision, shorter-term needs, existing products and customer demands.

Market and partnership analysis

We assess trends in your sector and beyond to identify opportunities, threats and best practices to inform your next move.

Technology landscape review

Our digital engineers identify and analyse relevant technologies and their maturity.

Facilitated ideation workshops

All our analysis feeds into facilitated ideation workshops. We prepare a range of stimuli, to explore and develop ideas with your key stakeholders.

Presentation of ideas and next steps

Based on these workshops and our previous analysis, we develop a number of technically feasible proposals for you.

We then outline how to proceed, which could be through a rapid prototype or an agile development and launch process.

Why Softwire?

Get ideas that are valuable, creative and technically feasible

Coming up with credible digital ideas demands three, very different, capabilities:

  • Detailed research, to ensure you’re meeting actual needs
  • Creativity, to come up with clever ways to meet those needs
  • Technical expertise, so you only pursue ideas that can actually be built

We provide all three.