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Speed up your project and reduce risk, by minimising uncertainty before you begin.

When you’re about to invest time, money and energy into a digital product, you need to be as sure as possible it’ll meet your needs.

A discovery fleshes out your ideas, minimises uncertainty and gives you a costed, technically feasible delivery plan, which speeds up development and reduces risk

This means you:

  • Fully understand the business and user goals you want to achieve
  • Eliminate options that aren’t technically feasible
  • Ensure the user experience will align with your vision
  • Set a clear scope for what you’re going to build
  • Understand expected costs and timeframes
  • Know your next steps

We blend our flair for product and service design with long-standing digital engineering expertise. This means anything we recommend will look great – and more importantly, can actually be built, given the time, budget and technology available.

How we run discoveries

Softwire discoveries run three parallel workstreams, to give you a complete understanding of your challenge, and a realistic plan for how to address it.


This includes user research, wireframes of key screens and hi-fidelity mockups to showcase the user experience. It can also address your branding and visual identity.


How much time, money and resource will you need to deliver your project?

We recommend the optimal delivery approach and team structure to meet your business needs with minimal risk. We also estimate timescales and costs.


Is your product or service technically feasible? What tools and partners will you need to work with?

Where needed, we run short ‘spikes’: proofs of concepts that test whether an idea is feasible, from top to bottom.

Typical outputs:

  • Analysis of your challenge
  • Information architecture, wireframes and/or example designs
  • Assessment of technology options and recommendations
  • Technical proof of concept
  • Scope, plan and estimated costs for the next phase
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