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Evolve your software


Keep pace with customer demands and get ahead of the competition by iteratively improving your digital products and services.

We quickly and assuredly enhance your existing digital capabilities and deliver improved products and services that meet your business goals and user needs.

About this service

You’ve got a digital product or service that needs to evolve.

This could be because you want to:

  • Enhance scalability to meet increased usage
  • Build new features, in response to customer demands
  • Benefit from emerging technologies
  • Make your product or service easier to maintain

Whatever your business goal, we assess where you are today and understand where you want to get to. We then set out and deliver a phased programme of improvements, using highly agile methods.

Our approach

How we evolve your software

Most projects follow four main phases, which we tailor to meet your situation:

Understand business goals and user needs

Business goals and user needs guide everything we do. We understand your high-level vision and where the product or service fits in. We review existing usage metrics and any user feedback you have. Where necessary, we also do light-touch user research.

Review technology

We analyse the technology your service is running on, in light of your overall aims. Which components need to improve, and how? What are your options, and which is best?

Prioritise and plan

Based on your business goals, user insights and our technology recommendations, we set out prioritised improvements with you.

Seamless transition to support

Once we complete the enhancement programme, our software support team can take over day-to-day maintenance of your digital service.

Why Softwire?

Peace of mind as you evolve critical systems

Adapting existing digital products and services can be risky, particularly if they’re critical to your business.

It demands deep technical expertise and digital engineering rigour, alongside a collective ethos and experience around continuous feedback and validation.

We provide this essential blend, which ensures we:

  • Design improvements that meet your business goals and fit your budget and timeframes
  • Deliver quickly and iteratively, without compromising on quality or maintainability
  • Minimise impact on business-as-usual