User research


We develop an understanding of what your users need, to underpin products and services that meet their requirements.

We do this, by:

  • Finding and interviewing the right people
  • Reviewing metrics, web analytics and other data
  • Analysing these insights to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Providing actionable next steps

Typical outputs

  • New or updated personas
  • Maps of existing user journeys
  • Current pain points and opportunities
  • Evidence to demonstrate key messages, such as video clips from interviews
  • Prioritised next steps

Our approach

How we do user research

Recruit the right people

Define the target personas you’d like to reach.

Quantitative review of usage data

Analyse quantitative data around existing product and service usage. We test content structures and information architectures, and use surveys to measure user satisfaction and engagement.

Qualitative interviews and workshops

We run user interviews or workshops, using evidence to demonstrate key challenges and opportunities.

Analyse findings and provide actionable next steps

We bring together the insights from our user interviews and data analysis to provide a clear picture of the next steps.

Why Softwire?

Get valuable insights from the right people

We do user recruitment ourselves, rather than outsourcing it. And we go to extraordinary lengths to speak to even the most hard-to-reach groups.

We’ll understand your users’ needs – however complex these are

Our specialist user researchers have backgrounds in psychology and sociology, and are trained to draw out insights without introducing bias.

They’re also comfortable working with users of varying digital literacy, and discussing highly complex or specialised topics. From antimicrobial resistance to energy-saving in the home, and from detailed educational data to stem cell transplants, we’ve run in-depth user research sessions that have enabled us to build highly successful digital services.