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DevOps coaching


You know you want to improve the way you design, build and maintain software, but actually instilling and sustaining the right approaches can be incredibly challenging.

We want to help you become a leader in software development best practices, which is why we join you on your change journey, providing independent expertise and upskilling your teams.

Working closely with the people involved in your software delivery pipeline, we’ll help plan your enhancements, to ensure these are done in the right order at the right times, to support your wider strategic aims. We’ll then provide the training and mentoring to implement and sustain these changes.

The result will be an end-to-end software delivery process that’s fast, assured and flexible, and a team of people with the skills and experience to manage and evolve it, long after we’ve left. Find out more about the benefits of DevOps in our guide.

Join the likes of Ofgem, the Government Digital Service (GDS) and a very well-known high street bank in transforming the way you deliver software with Softwire.

Our approach

Guiding you to self-sufficiency

  • Choosing where to begin

If you already know where there’s friction in your software pipeline, we can make this our initial focus. Equally, if you have a feeling the process could be better but aren’t sure where to begin, one of our 10-day DevOps healthchecks will quickly establish priorities.

  • Working in partnership

Our DevOps coaches work alongside your teams, typically for a few days per week. This gives us a deep insight into your current software delivery processes, their rationale, and the wider strategic vision they’re supporting.

Working with you in this way empowers us to initiate the right changes, and be on-hand to provide the training and guidance for you to implement, monitor, refine and reinforce them.

  • Making you self-sustaining

Over time, your own teams will build up the skills to take increasing ownership of the process themselves. As you become more self-sufficient, you can gradually dial back our involvement.

Why Softwire?

Learn best practices from accross the public and private sectors

Who better to help shape your software delivery processes than a team of experienced software delivery experts? We’ve been designing, building and maintaining software for nearly 20 years. And we’ve spent a lot of time honing our own processes into a set of practices that repeatedly provides great value for our software customers. We’re on a mission to share our successful delivery culture through our DevOps coaching.

Numerous public and private sector organisations have already benefited, and are creating better software more efficiently as a result. The list of customers we’ve helped includes the Government Digital Service (GDS), Ofgem and a household-name bank.

Join these high-profile organisations in benefiting from our deep expertise long into the future.

Find out more about working with us.

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