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DevOps healthcheck


By streamlining your end-to-end software delivery approaches, DevOps practices can make your applications better and employees happier. Our 10-day DevOps healthcheck quickly identifies where and how to improve your ways of working – whether you’re new to DevOps or already use this approach.

 We’ll analyse how your software pipeline is operating – right from early concept-creation to delivery and ongoing management. Next, we set out clear, actionable steps you can take to enhance your workflows.

Your DevOps healthcheck: The process

By observing and speaking to people across your organisation, we shine a light on how your development processes currently operate. Where are things working well? Where is there friction?

We then hold co-creation workshops with your teams. These enable us to collaborate on improvement proposals, blending our expertise of industry best practices with their day-to-day knowledge of your organisation. Experience shows this approach is extremely effective at creating new processes that genuinely meet your teams’ needs. Consequently, it helps improve both the software you’re building and your employees’ happiness.

We set out our findings in a report, alongside detailed recommendations, which can include:

  • Workflow optimisations
  • Team and organisational restructuring
  • Training and development needs

If you’d like further support once your DevOps healthcheck is finished, we also provide a DevOps coaching service, where we work alongside your teams to drive and support change.

Why Softwire?

Who better to assess your software delivery processes than a team of experienced software delivery experts? We’ve been designing, building and maintaining software for nearly 20 years, continually honing our own processes to accelerate delivery, improve software quality and drive down costs, based on lessons learned from our work across the public and private sectors.

As part of our mission to share our successful delivery culture, we’ve helped customers large and small identify enhancements in their own software delivery processes. These organisations, including Anthony Nolan and Ofgem, are now creating better software as a result.