Building on discovery, we create, test and technically validate your service prototypes, drawing on our extensive software engineering expertise.

You’ve established your users’ needs during discovery and decided to proceed with alpha. We provide the skills to prototype, test and technically validate your proposed service.  

We have all the roles needed for alpha under one roof. This means we can quickly and confidently guide you through the journey, shaping a service that meets your users’ needs and laying the foundations for beta.

Our alpha projects are run by multi-disciplinary teams, typically featuring user experience and user interface designers, content designers, user researchers, service designers and prototype developers.

Our approach


Starting with the outputs from your discovery phase, we’ll establish a set of hypotheses to test through our designs.


This stage involves creating prototypes to test with your users and quickly refining the designs. From the outputs, we’ll establish the technology necessary to deliver a production-grade service.

Next steps

At the end of this phase, we’ll present you with the working prototype system and the evidence-based insights you need to decide whether to proceed with beta development.

Why Softwire?

Proven alpha track record

If you decide to proceed with beta, a good alpha will provide the foundations for success. This is precisely what our alpha projects have repeatedly done. Just ask the Fleming Fund, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy or the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Here’s why:

  • We provide all the skills and experience you need under one roof. This accelerates the alpha process and takes away some of the risks of working with niche or specialised suppliers
  • Our deep digital engineering expertise gives you priceless peace of mind that the service we propose for beta is genuinely deliverable – and won’t run into technical problems when you try to productionise it, scale it or integrate it with other systems