Once your service is live, we proactively monitor whether it’s meeting user needs, then identify and deliver enhancements that make it even better.

User expectations, technology, laws and policies all evolve. And that means your digital services must adapt too.

We provide a multidisciplinary team with the right skills to look after your service on an ongoing basis. And whenever an improvement demands additional knowledge or resources, we’ll supplement the team from our extensive pool of digital engineers. This flexibility means you get the right skills at the right time to enhance your live service.

Our approach

How we can help

Delivering your backlog from beta

We’ll provide the technical expertise to deliver any backlog issues from beta.

Continually improving

We’ll continually refine and improve your service based on data from analytics, user input and our own expert insights.

Monitoring, patching and vulnerability testing

We’ll keep your users safe and secure with ongoing monitoring, patching and vulnerability testing.

Why Softwire?

The skills and setup you need for success

  • Running a live digital service requires a broad and varying range of skills, including user researchers, designers, high-quality digital engineers and support specialists. We provide all of this in one place
  • We offer flexible commercial models that fit with your needs

This is why numerous public sector bodies work with us to maintain and improve their production services. Among them are the Fleming Fund, The Government Department for Business Engergy and Industrial Strategy. Add your name to this list, and benefit from working with some of the best digital specialists in the country.