Technology – Good or bad for the environment

I’ve written a lot about the culture at Softwire and how we have a flexible and employee-led environment. This means that rather than having a fixed culture that has gradually dated over twenty years, we have evolved and expanded what...

By Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director, Softwire
Posted on 2 October 2019

Helping match stem cell donors with patients in need of a transplant

Blood cancers, such as leukaemia, are the fifth-most common type of cancer in the UK. There are more than 240,000 people living with blood cancer in the UK and 40,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer each year. A stem cell...

By Ben Below
Posted on 2 October 2019

How the smarter state will mean a healthier you

Smarter healthcare is a key part of the smarter state. Softwire MD Zoe Cunningham looks at ways tech is already making us fitter and healthier. When people talk about healthcare in the smarter state, minds often jump to wearable technology and...

By Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director, Softwire
Posted on 27 September 2019

Greener states demand digital innovation

If we’re to win the fight against climate change, the UK’s digital engineering industry will be key. Zoe Cunningham, MD at Softwire, explains why. With more and more governments and councils declaring climate emergencies, the need to find practical ways of...

By Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director, Softwire
Posted on 25 September 2019

Making our recruitment more inclusive

It’s widely understood that having a truly diverse workforce and inclusive culture has numerous benefits for an organisation. Increased productivity, improved staff morale and higher retention are just three examples – a quick Google will bring up lots more. We believe...

By Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director, Softwire
Posted on 5 September 2019

Unlocking the value of prototyping

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and in the same way, when a prototype is used within a digital transformation journey, as we mentioned in our previous blog post here, it can help get buy-in from...

Posted on 15 August 2019

Four steps to choosing the right software support supplier

Like anything in life, organisational needs change over time. This is why we all need our enterprise systems to evolve, so that they continue to support us in our aims. This is where software support services (or managed services) come in....

By Andy Smart
Posted on 14 August 2019

Six steps to choosing the right partners for your digital project

Outsourcing digital projects or application development isn’t easy. These initiatives typically have a lot riding on them, so it’s vital you pick the right partner for the journey. When you dip into the market, you’re presented with an almost bewildering amount...

By Andy Smart
Posted on 14 July 2019

Behind the AI Takeover

It is expected that 31% of organisations will be using Artificial Intelligence within the next twelve months, and 82% of those using machine learning have been able to better harness their data. These technologies are here to stay, and as...

By Yemi Olagbaiye
Posted on 24 June 2019

Why create a prototype

Are you looking at technology to keep your business ahead of the competition? You aren’t alone. Businesses are investing in digital transformation to help them develop in their sector and stay ahead of competitor and consumer trends. Having an idea, concept...

By Yemi Olagbaiye
Posted on 6 June 2019