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Ariana Ocampo

“When I was younger, I wanted to become an engineer,” says Ariana. “Teenage rebellion took me down a different path, but it’s poetic how I’ve ended up working in tech.”

On the journey – which involved studying first psychology and later digital strategy and creativity, as well as jobs in journalism and advertising – Ariana’s built up diverse experience and perspective that benefit our design team and clients every day.

She gets involved in the full user experience process, from user research through to visual design, and has been instrumental in fostering a great design culture throughout Softwire and beyond.

When she isn’t busy crafting great user experiences for our customers, Ariana is a regular speaker at conferences and other events. Issues she’s presented on include ethical technology, and the relationship between artificial intelligence, racism and sexism.

Away from work, Ariana writes fan fiction, enjoys playing video and board games, travelling, and doing voluntary work that makes the world a better place