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Esther Berry-Benton

Esther’s on a mission to get people excited about data – and rid the world of bad infographics (something we can all get on board with).

A stickler for detail, she looks after our business intelligence team, working with our data scientists to bring to life the insights our customers need to make better decisions, in precisely the right way. (She’ll also spot a mis-aligned text box on a PowerPoint slide from the back of the room.)

Like everyone at Softwire, Esther enjoys a good challenge, and loves having such a breadth of digital engineering, data science and other knowledge to tap into when faced with even the most puzzling error messages.

Away from work, Esther describes her pastimes as “rather more analogue”. She loves a good murder mystery party, vintage letterpress printing and spending time with Courier and Wingdings (that’s her cats, rather than the typefaces – we don’t think anyone’s ever made Wingdings letterpress blocks…).

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