Florence Cappleman-Lynes


Florence Cappleman-Lynes

Shortly before arriving at Cambridge University to study maths, I started to teach myself to program in my spare time in the hope it would be useful for my degree. I found it really rather enjoyable, and decided that, when the time came, I’d be interested to see what a career in software development would look like.

In my first year at university, I went along to a careers fair, and ended up attracted to the vast array of pick ‘n’ mix at Softwire’s stall. After chatting to one of their employees, I was drawn to applying for an internship at Softwire because of the enormously wide range of projects I could end up working on – it hadn’t really occurred to me before that there were companies out there that make whatever their customers ask for!

I was surprised at how fun the application process was. After filling in the application form, most of the rest of the process was problem solving in different ways, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All of the staff at my interview were really friendly too. I left pretty excited at the prospect of spending a summer at Softwire and fortunately an offer was soon forthcoming.

My internship lasted pretty much all summer, and I felt like a valued member of Softwire the whole time. Beforehand I’d wondered if the work we’d carry out would be useless but, in fact, as a team of interns, we built a product that by the end of my internship was being used by everybody at the company. The appreciation of my output by other people at Softwire made me proud and satisfied in my work, and hungry for more!

Throughout my internship, all of the interns had a mentor, Jamie, to whom we could turn for assistance whenever we needed it. He was really helpful throughout, not only unsticking us when we were stuck, but also showing us how we could better test the code we had written, and improve the code that was already there. Jamie notwithstanding, we worked independently much of the time and learnt so much about all the technologies we were using.

Other things I should mention include the delicious and reasonably priced home made lunches, cooked by Softwire’s kitchen team every day, and the vast array of morale events – trips to ice cream shops, nearby pubs, a picnic on Hampstead Heath, climbing walls, all paid for by Softwire. Great for team-building, getting to know the other employees at Softwire, and feeling valued as a member of the company.

I very much doubt I could have found a better internship anywhere, and I definitely recommend that anyone with an interest in programming apply!