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Francine Barsam

Francine’s aim is to encourage potential customers to do business with us – and attract potential employees to come and work for us.

She doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. “Working in the tech industry has taught me so much,” she says. “We have an amazing diversity of projects going on, which impact on so many aspects of people’s lives.

“Over the years, I’ve seen why I need to turn down my headphones, finish off my antibiotics, and be a donor.”

Ironically, for someone whose job it is to advocate the use of technology, much of Francine’s time away from work is spent politely asking her teenage children to disengage. ‘Put the phone down, please’ has become her catchphrase at home.

Her busy family life means Francine takes full advantage of Softwire’s flexible working opportunities. When she does get a moment to herself, she enjoys comedy – “I’m inspired by anyone who can make me laugh,” she concludes.