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Michael Trueman-Hall

Michael places people and their needs at the heart of his approach to Consulting

Michael joined Softwire with years of experience specialising in IT Service Management and Continuity. Starting his career as a developer and application support specialist, he is trained to understand and use a variety of technologies including Java, ASP.NET with C# and SQL. Moving into a support lead/consulting role, his focus shifted towards developing close partnerships with clients to provide insights into application management as a whole, both technological and strategic. Now at Softwire, his holistic approach to consulting ensures that our clients receive much more than a product or a service; they are empowered with the tools and skills to meet their greatest ambitions.

As a member of Softwire’s Consulting team, Michael will embed himself into our clients’ communities to gain deeper insight into their immediate requirements and their goals. He has a wealth of direct experience from which to draw in all key elements of the concept-to-delivery pipeline; from requirements specification through to supporting transition to live.

” I believe in the effectiveness of collaboration and co-creation. By agreeing together early-on how to define and measure success and lower the barriers to generate and test ideas, you create an environment that inspires continuous, meaningful progress and improvement. It is a recipe I firmly believe will guarantee success in your endeavour. “

Michael’s passion for continuous improvement extends into his personal life. He regularly enjoys challenging yoga practices and obstacle runs and can often be found deeply engrossed in some inspirational reading from philosophers like Theodore Zeldin.